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Structured Cabling Installations

These include horizontal cabling from comms cabinets to end user outlets, fibre optic backbones as well as presenting fibre optic connections to the network at the end user locations. All infrastructures can be supplied and installed by our in house fibre optic engineers including PVC minitrunking, galvanised steel trunking, PVC conduit, galvanised steel conduit, galvanised tray and cable basket

VOIP System Strategy & Implementation

The practice of using an Internet connection to pass voice data using IP instead of using the standard public switched telephone network. This allows a remote worker to function as if he or she were directly connected to a PBX even while at home or in a remote office. As well, it skips standard long distance charges, as the only connection is through an ISP. VoIP is being used more and more to keep corporate telephone costs down, as you can simply run two network cables to a desk instead of separate network and telephone cables. VoIP runs right over your standard network infrastructure, but it also demands a very well-configured network to run smoothly.

Network Integration

Hastings Communications can oversee the integration between newly installed networks covering all aspects of the cabling and user requirements. We can provide stand alone systems to fully integrated networks and a tailored software solution to facilitate this change.

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Broken or Cut Fibre Optic Cable

If a fibre optic cable is broken it is generally assumed that the cost to repair runs into thousands of pounds, in fact Hastings Communications can repair broken or cut fibre optic cables the same day for much less.
We offer an emergency fibre optic repair service utilising the latest OTDR testers, our engineers will identify the point of damage allowing them to fusion splice the fibres and ensure your fibre link is operational as quickly as possible.
If your fibre optic cable, data cabling, voice cable or electrical cabling is broken or has developed an intermittent fault, give us a call to arrange a fast response team to arrange a call out.
Our engineers will diagnose the fault, repair if possible or arrange for the deployment of the necessary components, cable, hardware or patch cables to ensure the cable is repaired and active as quickly as possible.

Fibre Optic Installers

Single-mode, Multi-mode Fibre Optic installers, termination and testing

Hastings Communications can provide a complete service regarding fibre optic cabling and infrastructure and fibre optic engineers. This ranges from fibre optic backbones between cabinets in one building to fibre optic backbones on multi building sites. The use of both single-mode and multi-mode fibre optic cable combined with either internal or external grade cable is determined by each individual projects requirements, which can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs.